Gateway River Outfitters

A Premier Missouri Hunting and Fishing Guide

With 40% of all migrating ducks and geese passing over us, we have no shortage of opportunites for those looking to score it big.
Gateway River Outfitters hunting opportunities are second to none. Opportunities abound with flooded crop fields (corn, beans, milo, etc.), large managed moist soil marshes, oxbow sloughs, and dry fields to name a few.

Our hunting grounds cannot be compared to any other area in the United States. We are situated between four major resting refuges, and a few hundred yards from the Mighty Mississippi River. With little to no hunting pressure around us the ducks and geese get very comfortable. Dropping in to the decoys at the slightest of calls.

Gateway River Outfitters, offers not only top quality duck and goose hunts, but, for those adventurous outdoorsman we also offer spring turkey hunts, upland preserve hunts, and inshore saltwater fly fishing in the southwestern region of Florida.
You can combine a upland hunt with any of our duck and goose hunts. Our upland hunts take place on a private preserve with great penned raised pheasants, quail and chukar.