Amber Elk Ranch, LLC

Where the bull elk's bugle resonates within your soul

Come and hunt elk (deer are optional) using a bow, muzzle loader, or rifle! You decide when you see the trophy bulls & bucks, and you decide to shoot or not to shoot. If you don’t shoot a bull elk or buck deer on your trip, then you don’t pay. I have built my elk guide business on satisfied customers, one hunter at a time. Please look over my elk & deer image galleries and see the joy from the smiles of successful deer and elk hunters. Please notice that many elk hunters have non-hunting guests to share the precious love of nature with hunting memories that last a lifetime. The ranch team will provide excellent care of your trophy elk and/or buck, as I will oversee the processing and taxidermy. Your ranch guides will not drop the ball on your big elk and/or deer hunt trip experience!