Jim River Guide Service

Hunting in South Dakota and Alaska

When booking a hunt, it is best to use the same rule of thumb as when you buy a scope. Buy the best you can afford. The sweetness of low price is short lived but the bitterness of dealing with a poor guide lasts a lifetime.

I personally guide all of my clients. Before you book a hunt with me, I give you the opportunity to talk to EVERY client that I guided the previous season by supplying you with the names and phone numbers of ALL my clients from the previous season. Call them and ask them hard questions. By listening to their answers, you will see the clear value my business has over my competition. Because I provide the names of ALL my clients, you know YOUR NAME will be going on the list next season so you should have comfort in knowing I have a vested interest in your success. As the owner of the business, you should also know that I have a greater interest in your success than if I was simply putting you out with a hired hand like the other outfitters do. In a perfect world, everybody would care about the business as much as the owner. But we don’t live in a perfect world.