Trophy Country

America’s HOTSPOT for outdoor recreation!!!

Trophy Country is one of the world’s most unique privately-owned properties. It consists of 6,200 contiguous acres of land, water and trees that afford the ultimate in fish and wildlife habitat. The unique aspect of Trophy Country is its widely varied topography which has been created by both man and nature.  This approximately 10-mile square area borders both sides of the East Fork of the Chariton River.  High bluffs overlooking the river valley contained rich coal deposits, which were mined during the 1950′s.  Approximately 3,500 acres of this mined area are dispersed throughout the entire property.  When this mining was done, there were no regulations to force the return of the spoils area back to the original state.  This is the key to the abundance of fish and wildlife.  The resulting terrain has now stabilized into either beautiful clear water with world-class fishing, or heavy timber and browse that affords the best of habitat for wildlife and birds.