Trophy Ridge Ranch

Trophy Hunts for Deer, and Elk in Illinois

Come Bag a Giant at Trophy Ridge Ranch!  We have acres of hard timber, grassy fields, and many food plots; creating the best natural Deer and Elk habitat for trophy game!   Trophy Ridge Ranch Offers hunts with expertly trained guides to put you on the animal’s trails. We are centrally located in the Midwest, (Near Peoria, Illinois in FULTON COUNTY!) At TROPHY RIDGE RANCH, we feature a one-on-one hunting experience for our hunters. Dave personally guides most hunts and makes your experience a memorable one.  Our goal is that you will long remember this adventure for years to come.

TROPHY RIDGE RANCH OWNERS…David And Rosie Wells. David Wells, owner of Trophy Ridge Ranch, has hunted, he thinks, since his day of birth. His dad wasn’t even home for David’s birth, as he was hunting the Illinois River for the mighty mallard!  David teethed on shot gun shells!  Rosie at the age of four, put wads in shells for her Dad during reloading time and hunted the cornfields with her dad all during her school years!