Best States to Hunt Elk

Weather you are looking for public land, game farm or a guided hunt, here are the best places to hunt Elk in 2018.

Whether you are looking for public land, game farm or a guided hunt, here are the best places to hunt Elk in 2021.

1. Montana

With million acres of prime elk hunting, Montana provides excellent hunting for both the novice and experienced hunters.  Montana has a  Block Management Program, that allows you to access some of the best public and private hunting lands in the state.

Beaverhead-Deerlodge ­National Forest features several mountain ranges, that allow elk security cover while also providing numerous hunter-­access points. It’s estimated that Montana has approximately 163,000 elk in the state.  That compares to an estimated elk population of 136,000 in 2008, or roughly a 20 percent increase in the last several year.

Many say the southwest part of the state is where most of the elk can be found.

2. Colorado

Many hunters say that Colorado is the best state for elk hunting.  Are you wondering what is it based on – clearly the population of Elk would be the best explanation.

Colorado has the largest elk herd in the country, with a population approaching 280,000. Colorado is not well-known for hat-rack bulls, but high numbers provide more opportunities.

Craig, Colorado offers a million acres of public hunting grounds, filled with elk. The area holds two of the largest known elk herds in North America. It’s a great destination for Elk hunters.

Some say trophy elk aren’t so plentiful, but at a time when many states only allow harvests in the hundreds, Colorado has thousands of opportunities for hunters.

White River National Forest is heavily hunted, but offers large and healthy elk population.
In Grand Junction, Colorado you’re surrounded by prime hunting land for nearly 100 miles – one of the most popular and best places to hunt.

3. Wyoming

The terrain is similar to that of Colorado –  high elevation and hiking opportunity. Wyoming’s elk herd is mostly found in the Rocky Mountains. The state  also offers plenty of elk in the lower mountain ranges and some of the plains.

In the recent years high calf recruitment and good feed across the state has left the herds in excellent condition. The population is expanding, making Wyoming an excellent elk hunting destination.

Bridger-Teton National Forest  allows access to some of the most beautiful views and also offers ample elk population.

Cody, Wyoming also has some great elk hunting opportunities.  You can use bow or a rifle, you can hunt for a day around camp or consider going deeper into the wild.

4. Utah

In fact, the world record non-typical elk was taken in the state back in 2008—on public grounds. With a herd of over 68,000, Utah is the place to hunt elk. 

Utah and Arizona are known to offer more trophy elk than other states. That is based on the best accessibility to public hunting lands.

Ashley National Forest is where the world record elk was taken.  The two Uinta Mountains units in this forest are good choices among any bull areas, but no Utah tag is less than superb.  It’s home to some of the best older bulls in the county.