Maine Upland Guide Service

Guides for Ruffed Grouse Hunting

Fall in Maine is special; to us in the northeast it means spectacular views of intense color, crisp mornings and time with the “king of all game birds.”

Ruffed grouse are truly a sight to behold as they thunder through the young aspen and maple, somehow avoiding collision, as the hunter collects himself from his initial surprise and readies to take a shot. Equally beautiful is the pointing of a German shorthair or Brittany as they appear to come under the bird’s spell and turn to stone, indicating the bird’s hiding place and giving the hunter the added split second to prepare for the impending flush.

Ruffed grouse inhabit the entire state of Maine, but do especially well in our area, where logging keeps large tracts of forest young and vigorous. Grouse feed on green leaves, fruits, and insects in the summer and fall, switching to aspen and birch catkins as well as other tree buds and wild cherries. The famous “drumming” of the male grouse can be heard throughout the spring as they drum for mates from their log perches.

Each bird taken is appreciated as a gift from the wild, and nutrient-rich organic meat. It is a culinary treat which can be prepared for you by our guides, or dressed and packaged for your return trip.


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