Cedar Hill Game Farm

We have something for everyone.

We are a Pheasant and Chukar Game Farm, as well as a Yellow Perch Fish Farm near Beaver Dam Wisconsin. We offer some of the best native Wisconsin habitat available. We have cattail, canary grass, sorghum fields, dogwood, prairie grasses, and small wood lots to name a few. When the heavy snows of winter make the cover lay down, our late season cattail hunts kick into high gear. We always have exceptional habitat no matter what time of the year you want to hunt.

We have removed old trees on the property, ripped out fencelines, we are working with the Wisconsin Waterfowl Association, US Fish and Wildlife Service, WDNR, and Ducks Unlimited, to improve the wetlands on our property. We are planting bushes and grasses to improve upland habitat, practicing predator control, and doing major improvements to the buildings. We have set up a temporary clubhouse that we plan to use for the next couple of years and then build a much nicer one in the near future.