Covert Ranch

No other Texas whitetail deer hunting ranch has so consistently produced trophy whitetail bucks in a traditional environment with only existing native genetics. No breeding or shooting pens, no trucked-in deer, no introduction of out-of-state deer and no eartags. This is Texas deer hunting at its best!

South Texas whitetail deer hunting is a unique experience. When you book whitetail deer hunts with the Covert Ranch, you will receive an informative, educational and interesting package of materials to make your experience more enjoyable whether you choose to hunt the trophy of a lifetime or a management hunt. You’ll find the facilities and hospitality at the Covert Ranch as well suited to family hunts as they are to corporate hunts and individual hunters and your hosts will work with you to “make it happen”.

Again, whether scheduled South Texas whitetail deer hunts are for family members, old friends getting together or corporate gatherings for clients and high-performance employees, the Covert Ranch provides an adventure where lifelong memories are made.