Crooked Wing Outfitters

I discovered my passion for hunting as a young boy while helping my uncle set up goose spreads along the coast for clients. I was the workhorse and I loved it. Due to my many hours of being the workhorse, I learned at a young age how to set up spreads and how to productively kill geese. From that point, it was game on as my passion for the sport had grown to where I was more than just a dedicated hunter and fisherman.

I moved to Lubbock Texas at the age of 18 to attend Texas Tech. I was excited to come to West Texas but had no hunting or fishing connections in the area. I arrived in Lubbock wondering what the heck I was going to do for the next few years. There were dirt fields in every direction which appeared to not have any game to hunt. It was very different than the hill country where I grew up.