Heritage 1865 Outfitters & Lodge

Visit Heritage 1865 for a remarkable upland bird hunting experience. This excursion takes you through 1,000 acres of preserved and well maintained hunting land surrounded by another 1,000 acres of corn and soybeans. Every year the Ewing family sets aside 1,000 acres for the Conservation Reserve Program boosting the natural habitat of this land and creating the ideal conditions for a successful hunt.

Hunters will also be provided with expert guides and transportation during the trip. A trip can be one-day hunt or up to a 4 night/3-day hunt with exclusive lodging in our 5-star prestigious lodge. Our onsite professional chef will serve three freshly prepared meals a day to ensure that you will never go hungry.

Alongside the expert guides will be some of our most valued members of the family, our guide dogs. Our dogs have been well trained on our land, by our guides to create the perfect team. They know the land just as well as the rest of the family and will point, flush, and track to ensure the greatest experience for you.

For those first time hunters, our expert guides will take you under their wing and teach you the fundamentals, tips/tricks, and most importantly, the safety of firearms and hunting.

Whether it is the feeling of your feet leaving impressions on the land with the crisp sky above you or the heart racing, blood pumping feeling when a bird suddenly flies up out of the brush in front of you, Heritage can offer the experience of a lifetime with our Upland Bird Hunting packages.