Thorn Bottom Hunting

Since 1996

In 1996 after spending 23 years trap shooting and working for Beretta USA I came home to Paulding County and with my wife Ann, opened THORN BOTTOM HUNTING. The area you will hunt at THORN BOTTOM is the same place that I hunted as a kid I can still show you the spot I shot my first pheasant, rabbit, quail, and deer, all fond personal memories of mine. At THORN BOTTOM that is what we sell, a great hunt with the Best Cover Anywhere sure, but more importantly memories. Bring your kids, wife, dad, friends and try a hunt with us. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The year round maintenance of THORN BOTTOM is for the sole purpose of hunting. Our farms include wetlands, brush piles, oxbows, woods and food plots. When you hunt with us you or your group are assigned your own area to hunt. No other group will be in your area. Our areas range from 25 acres to 160 acres depending on the size of the group and the terrain they want to hunt. We stress hunter safety. Flame orange is required as well as some type of eye protection. Nonresidents of the State of Ohio do not have to have an Ohio hunting license but we require you to have one from your state or passed a hunter safety course.


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